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Note n°85 par Contenu_en_ligne_gratuit_en_lien_de_retour_dofollow le 31/03/2012 @ 16:45
Super votre site, moi aussi j'adore !

Note n°79 par La_boutique_du_cadre_vegetal le 26/03/2012 @ 16:32
Super site, moi aussi j'adore !

Note n°75 par Lily le 15/03/2012 @ 11:31
tres interesante site

Note n°68 par seo le 05/03/2012 @ 08:49
Bravo pour ce site ;)

Note n°12 par Jenny le 09/04/2009 @ 10:38
thanks works nicely its better then windows grep in any way

Note n°9 par Le_Maugeois le 18/12/2008 @ 17:52
J'utilise PrGrep depuis des années et remercie encore une fois Patrick pour cette réalisation dont j'aurais bien du mal à me passer aujourd'hui.
Encore bravo !

Note n°5 par Nick le 21/08/2008 @ 13:55
I am a web designer and often i have problems with my dynamic web sitecodes. Finding a line to edit or add after is a real pain. PRGrep savedmy life many times.
Thank you for your help and for sharing this great software for free.

Note n°4 par bigge le 29/05/2008 @ 22:41
After some time struggling with the bad windows search and trying to manualy search for my strings inside multiple files, I finaly searched the webb for a better tool. And I found it! PRGrep. Lovely to have some unix/linux power inside windows crapXP.
Maybe I translate it to Swedish...

Note n°3 par tomm174 le 23/05/2008 @ 11:27
Nice program, I like the powerful functionality.
I would like regular expressions on the file name search - which seems better than the windows one, but I haven't quite worked out the functionality yet. And I'd find it useful to be able to not put in  a string & have it search just for named files.
Dropdowns for search type selection would be better too, but I'm just nit-picking
Thank you

For the previous poster.  No. Grep does not classically include replacement. You may be thinking of sed.

Note n°2 par tank le 18/02/2008 @ 01:05

It looks as though it might be very clever but it's not a GREP unless it REPlaces when you search for strings...

I can't find that function in your software - if it's there, would you please tell me where?

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